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Updated: Oct 24, 2018
Bunnies & Bows story as a Family Owned and Operated business.

Bunnies & Bows story as a Family Owned and Operated business.

All great stories have a beginning......

Bunnies and Bows was founded over 25 years ago by Chrysa and Kevin Sparrow. What began as a labor of love creating personalized pillowcases, Bunnies and Bows has evolved into a custom gifts company featuring baby onesies, aprons, wine bags, pillowcases, throw pillows, tea towels, toddler pillows, travel pillows, and tooth fairy pillows.

"We started in our garage while Kevin was working full time. We got so busy he had to quit his job to concentrate on our growing volume, " Chrysa explains. Grew out of our garage to a large office/warehouse. To this day, Bunnies & Bows participates in many sought after shows, such as The Nutcracker Market, the Minnesota and Dallas State Fairs

Since 1992, the husband-and-wife team behind Bunnies and Bows have created whimsical, personalized pillowcases that add sweetness to sleepytime. They've developed over 500 designs, all drawn and screen printed by hand from the company's headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The brand began as a part-time venture after Chrysa and Kevin purchased the personalized pillowcase concept from a friend. Working out of their house, the pair experienced instant success, and Kevin soon took up silk screening the company's creations full-time. As we have grown, we have never lost sight of our passion for bringing imagination and whimsy to every day life.

We hand draw every design and customize your gifts with names and messages upon request. Our designs include children's, wedding, collegiate, sorority, pop culture, humor, and more! Each one of our products are lovingly made and perfectly personalized just for your little one. Come explore our designs! There's something for every bunny!



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