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Bunnies and Bows is proud to offer fundraising opportunities for your school/organization.


Choose 16 standard pillowcases from our current line and we will customize an order form for your school/organization to take orders. (see example) Our charge to you will be $10.00 per pillowcase that is ordered. You can set the amount that you charge to help reach your fundraising goal. We will offer FREE personalization on this option.


Steps to a successful fundraiser:


Step 1

Decide which option best fits your school/organization.


Step 2

Fill out our Organization Information and Payment Authorization Form.

We cannot process orders until payment is received.



No Tax will be charged as long as we have a copy of your tax exempt certificate. We will pay the shipping! Unlike orders made through our website hair/skin color options are not available for fundraising.


Step 3

Shortly after we receive your choices of sixteen pillowcases we will send you a customized order form (see example). We can either send you the number of copies requested or we can email it to you for you to print yourself. If we do the copies, please allow 1 week for processing and mailing times.


Step 4

You will receive 2 personalized samples that show our quality work. Please return these when mailing back your completed order forms.


Step 5

After you receive your order forms, let the fun begin! Sell! Sell! Sell! Be sure that the order form is filled out correctly and that the personalization names are printed clearly and legibly.


Step 6

Send back original order forms (this way there's no difficulty in reading a copy) and keep copies for your records. The original order forms will be returned with order.


Step 7

Please allow 2 weeks for processing/personalization, plus shipping times for orders of 100 pillowcases or less. For orders more than 100, please contact Maria for processing time.


Step 8

Along with your completed order you will receive a Fundraiser Feedback Form. Please take a moment to fill out this short questionnaire and mail or fax back to us. It will help us to improve our processes and better serve our customers.



For more information contact our office at 972-317-2962 (Dallas area) or

email us at

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