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Happy National Tooth Fairy Day

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Today is February 28. You know what this is, right? It is National Tooth Fairy Day! Here at Bunnies and Bows we want to ensure that every tooth fairy is appreciated. What better way to show appreciation than to make their job a little bit easier? With our tooth fairy pillows With our tooth fairy pillows they can easily access their tooth, leave their loot and move on to the next house.

Our tooth fairy pillows ensure there are no mixups with children because they come personalized for any little boy and girl. You name it. We have a tooth fairy pillow for it. We are Bunnies and Bows. The Tooth Fairy Pillow capital of the United States.

Let me tell you about a few of our newest designs. As you look at our newest designs, you will notice something a bit different. Our newest additions have a coordinated colored pocket and colored back. Who doesn't love an upgrade?

We can't keep that Whimsy Fairy and Rainbow Mane Unicorn in stock! Order yours today!

Want something for a boy? Our new Construction Truck Tooth Pillow is a step up from the original...but we still get rave reviews about that design as well. Looking for a boy tooth pillow that is timeless? Check out our tan chevron tooth fairy pillow. Nothing beats it.

What design is your favorite? Let your order do the talking for you. :)

Save 25% on all tooth fairy pillows until March 4.

Use coupon code tfday2019



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