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What do our customers say about our products?

Karen on June 9, 2016
I just wanted to say thank you. I ordered two Tooth Fairy Pillows from Zulily some time ago. My 6 year old had a loose tooth and I knew my 5 year old would be soon behind. This week we discovered that my five year old had an infected tooth that needed to be removed. His AWESOME pillow made the experience so much better! And, he was so excited this morning. It's a little thing...but it made a difference. Thank you!

Priscilla on June 12, 2015

Perfect small pillow for exactly what it's for. Pocket 

is snug to hold the smallest tooth inside. Having it

personalized was the perfect touch to keep for a 

lifetime. It will be kept as a keepsake. 

Samantha on May 15, 2015

Adorable. Love it and love how it has my daughter's 

name on it. It came in just a day before my daughter 

lost her first tooth. She was so excited to put her 

tooth in the pocket!

Dianna on July 21, 2014

Love my ladybug tooth fairy pillow. Beautifully made

Sara in August 2013

Ordered the mermaid for my 5 yr daughter - it is so 

cute and she LOVED it!!!! Thanks for a great 

product... so fun & creative - love the bright colors.
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